• BANYU the brand - story

Banyu is a lifestyle brand founded and designed by
Frederike Andree Wiltens. In her travels, Frederike
spent a lot of time in countries like Bali, Portugal,
Morocco, Australia and Vanuatu. There, she witnessed
that people in those countries often adhere to very
different values than she was used to back home.

As a result of these experiences she became inspired
and inherited a free spirited, independent lifestyle.
In this lifestyle she focuses on living active, healthy
and open minded, spending a lot of time outside and
connecting with other people. A free life, at home or
all over the world.

She became passionate to spread this lifestyle
and these values as much as possible and
launched the brand, Banyu, which is based
upon this philosophy.

Banyu’s mission is to insert this mindset more
into people’s daily life. Because we want to
encourage everyone to create a lifestyle in
which they feel more satisfied consistently,
not only once in a while.

We love to share our philosophy and lifestyle
through our collection, wall art, social media
and blog: The Banyu Life.

For our products we focus on an elegant style,
natural handmade materials, earthy colors and
crafted shapes. Banyu’s aesthetic and unique
style is a fuse between sophistication and roughness.