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By Frederike Andree Wiltens, Founder of Banyu

It’s the hottest moment of the day, no cloud in the sky, the sun is shining bright. Luckily, I’m wearing a straw head that gives me some cooling. There are twenty half coconuts in front of me on the ground. Sitting between the palm trees on a chair on homemade coconut wrap. Blisters on my hand but I’m determined to finish the job. Because when I eventually have my own homemade coconut oil, it’s worth the hard work.

During my journey through the Vanuatu Island (read more about it in our previous blog post) I discovered the magical functioning of coconut oil for both body and mind. In my stay on Epi Island, one of the most fertile pieces of land in the world, I decided to master the entire process. From the picking of the coconut to the bottling.


For 1 litre of coconut oil, you’ll need 8 to 11 coconuts. Two teaspoons a day is good for your heart, your skin, hair, white teeth, fat loss, and many more reasons. On this website, there are 45 reasons and ways to use coconut oil. http://www.puurnatural.nl/47-manieren-om-kokosolie-te-gebruiken

1: Peel the skin of the coconut.

2: Cut the coconut in half. I use a pointy stone for this. Carefully hit the coconut on the pointy end of the stone.

3: Rasp the pulp from the coconut. For this, the people in Vanuatu use a homemade rasp. You can make it from a wooden chopping board and a Rabbit Teeth Coconut Grater Stainless Steel Shredder Scraper ($ 6,- on Ebay.com).

4: Separate the coconut rasp from the juice. Add a little bit of water at body temperature. Squeeze out the mass in a thin cotton towel until the fibres feel dry.

5: Pour into a glass and put in the freezer for a few hours. After a while, the milk will separate itself from the water.

6: Cut the frozen piece of coconut water from the coconut milk.

7: Separate the coconut milk from the coconut oil by cooking it. This can only be done on a low fire in which it’s important to stir constantly. The milk parts get hard and the oil remains.

8: Filter. It’s best to use a coffee filter.

Homemade coconut oil kit

As a “Banyu spirited girl” I want to spend the entire day outside whenever it’s possible. To be in the sea and the sun the whole day. After a sun-drenched day, my skin is dehydrated and my hair feels like straw. At night, I conscientiously rub my entire body and the tips of my hair with oil. There is nothing like waking up the next morning with a baby soft skin and shining hair.

We love it!

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